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Business Development Ideas/Strategies to Increase the Lead Generation Process

Hi, I know that we might have had some challenges in finding quality leads and closing on them. Here are some strategies that we can try implementing and hopefully be able to have good leads/won deals.

  1. Realtor Referral Program
  2. Establishing relationships with local realtors can be a great source of leads for the company. Offer realtors a referral fee for every client they send.

    A realtor referral program can work even if we offer real estate sales. We’ll simply need to sign a non-compete agreement stating that if the client decides to sell their property, we’ll give the sale back to the realtor.

  3. Cold Calling
  4. Check for owners who are listing their properties for rent. Call those people and offer them our services.

    While cold calling may seem tough, once you get the hang of it, it can become an amazing source of leads for your company.

  5. Browse the Local Newspaper
  6. Find rentals listed in the local newspaper and reach out to the owners. Let them know about our services. If they’re still using the newspaper to list their rentals, there’s a good chance they can use some help!

  7. Attend Local Real Estate Investor Meetups
  8. Using search for real estate investor meetups in Nairobi. Attend the meetup and network with the real estate investors in attendance.

    Once we do this, take it a step further. Reach out to the person in charge of th meetup and ask them if they would be open to allowing you to speak at one of thei future meetups.

  9. Property management companies
  10. Since we have just started out, we should consider reaching out to established property management companies in Kenya (Especially in Nairobi). Often they’ll have a number of properties they turn away. To get ourselves started, we can form a referral partnership with them.

  11. Company Website
  12. Regardless of whether the lead finds out about the company online or offline, I can guarantee they will look up the company online. The website will be one of their first impressions of the business.

  13. Email Marketing
  14. Creating precisely crafted emails for people who opt-in to the company’s’ email list is a popular way to bring on additional property management leads. In order to do this successfully, we need to create an effective lead magnet that entices owners to leave us their name and email address.

  15. Google Ads
  16. Running Google Ads to make sure the company shows up at the top of search results for terms like “property management + your city” can generate a ton of leads for the company.

  17. Content Marketing
  18. Creating valuable content for the company website can be a huge source of leads. We can start by writing or filming blog posts that solve the main pain points our ideal clients have.

  19. Client Referrals
  20. Getting referrals from existing clients is the best type of lead we can possibly get.

    To keep the clients motivated, we can offer an incentive for existing clients to refer you more customers. We can consider offering a free month of management services for every new client they refer.

  21. YouTube Videos
  22. YouTube can be an incredibly powerful source for lead generation. It is currently the second biggest search engine in the world (after Google). We can start creating videos specifically for real estate investors in Kenya. We must ensure to include the company’s contact information at the end of each video.

  23. YouTube Ads
  24. If we want immediate exposure for our videos, we can pay to have our videos show up as ads before relevant videos on YouTube. For example, we can run YouTube ads to people who have an interest in real estate investing.

  25. LinkedIn
  26. LinkedIn can be a goldmine for finding new leads. Use LinkedIn’s detailed search options and search for titles such as “Real Estate Investor”. We can then reach out to each person and talk to them about our services.

  27. Host Local Real Estate Investor Meetups
  28. Another option is to host our own real estate investor meetup. We can provide an information session for real estate investors and ensure that our info session is full of valuable material they can use to become better real estate investors. At the end of the meetup, we can let them know about our services and the benefits of working with our company.

  29. Facebook Groups
  30. We can search for Real Estate Investor groups specific that are in Nairobi or Kenya and Join them. Becoming active members and answering questions whenever we can provide value.

    We have to make sure our personal Facebook profile clearly displays our company’s name. Over time, people will click through to our personal profile from the Facebook group and see that we run a property management company.

  31. LinkedIn Groups
  32. This is the exact same idea as Facebook Groups, except using LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn’s search tool to find real estate investor groups specific to Nairobi or Kenya and start contributing!

  33. Guest Blogging
  34. Writing articles for websites where our target market hangs out online is a great way to build our authority. By getting featured on popular real estate websites in Kenya we can really build up our reputation, which will result in tons of leads for the company.

  35. Get Interviewed on a Podcasts/TVs
  36. Being guests on popular podcasts/Radio/TVs relevant to the target market can have a huge impact on the business. Being a guest on a popular podcast/or Tv will immediately increase the level of trust people have in our abilities and will allow us to display our expertise in Real Estate/property management.

  37. Affiliate with Local Businesses
  38. Real estate investors need to deal with quite a few local businesses regarding their investments. A few examples would be accountants, repairmen, and landscapers. We can reach out to these local businesses and offer them a referral fee for every good lead they send our way.

  39. Join Real Estate Investor Clubs
  40. This one is self-explanatory. By joining real estate investor clubs, we have direct access to our target market. Through networking with members we can let them know about our services.

  41. Real Estate Investor Forums
  42. Answering questions and participating in conversations on real estate investor forums can be a great way to find new leads. The trick is to find forums where our ideal clients hang out and then be as helpful as possible.

    Now that we know what strategies we can use to generate leads for the company and how to increase our conversion rate on those leads, it’s time to take action.

    We can Choose which strategy(ies) we want to focus on and take action.

    I Hope This Will Help

Sharon Kemboi
Executive Asst.
Carlton Realtors

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