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Muthaiga, Runda, Kitisuru and Gigiri

Muthaiga,Runda, Kitisuru and Gigiri

Muthaiga and Kitisuru are affluent residential areas in Nairobi, Kenya. Muthaiga is known for its luxury homes, tree-lined streets, and the prestigious Muthaiga Golf Club. Kitisuru offers upscale residences in a tranquil setting with panoramic views. Both areas provide a high standard of living, privacy, and convenient access to amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, and schools.

Gigiri and Runda are prestigious residential neighborhoods in Nairobi, Kenya. Gigiri is known for hosting international organizations and offers a serene living environment with access to amenities and recreational spaces like Karura Forest. Runda features luxurious homes, spacious compounds, and high security, attracting high-net-worth individuals seeking a prestigious address and a high standard of living.

Muthaiga, Runda, Kitisuru and Gigiri
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